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3 Ways to Make Your Weekend Longer

Weekends are coveted across the nation, but one of the things they're best known for is that they go way too fast. Two days isn't much, but there are ways to cheat time and space, and we're here to tell you how.

Wake Up Early

Unfortunately this goes hand in hand with nothing too wild the night before, but with the dawn of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) it shouldn't be too hard for at least one early morning. That's not to say that your Friday and Saturday nights need to be boring - but rather, more sophisticated (this is what we're calling it now). Home cooked dinners, movie nights, or trips to the theatre are all perfectly wonderful ways to spend an evening with friends and loved ones, all whilst giving you the blessing of a clear head in the morning and a day full of potential to do it all again.

Use Time Intentionally

Creating structure in our free time means that the hours don't blur together until it's already bedtime on a Sunday night. If you have a number of different things going on this weekend, your mind is going to spend time processing each of them separately - and the more you have ahead of you, the more your weekend begins to feel a lot longer than a blink. Having said this, don't burn yourself out. Using time intentionally can also mean a series of relaxing things to do at home, such as painting, reading, a local walk, or cooking your favourite meal.

Try Something New

The reason time seemed to stretch out forever when we were kids was because everything was new. Our brains don't switch to auto-pilot when we experience novelty - whether it's a new place, a new taste, or a new hobby. We are suddenly challenged, pushed to learn and adapt, but this comes to a grinding halt in adulthood - where once-exciting things are often tinged with grey. Here are some of our favourite suggestions for trying something new this weekend:

  • A weekend getaway

  • A park or nature reserve that you've never visited before

  • Exploring a different part of the city

  • A new restaurant or cuisine

  • A novel activity (check out our unusual hobbies for inspiration!)

Final Note

How do you make the most out of your weekends, and what do you find makes them feel longer? Let us know at


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