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Fall in Love with 6am : Workouts

The thought of doing exercise as we roll out of bed can be less than motivating, but in a 9-5 world it's important to keep our physical health tip top. The trick to working out before work is to find an exercise you love, one that you're excited to get out of bed for, rather than a workout that has some extrinsic motivation like losing weight. We've complied a list of feel-good exercises that leave both mental and physical wellbeing in a better place than when you started.


With many different styles to choose form, there is a yoga practice for everyone. From Hatha to Bikram, Kundalini to Vinyasa, whether you like it fast, slow, hot, cold, spiritual or physical, yoga connects your mind to the present moment through movement, and sets you up for the day in the best frame of mind.


What better way to wake up than with a favourite holiday activity. Finding a local pool can make every morning a holiday (okay, maybe a bit of a stretch...) but swimming will leave you feeling fitter, more awake, and in a great mood for the rest of the day.


Angry that it's Monday morning? Take it out in the boxing ring. Pummelling a bag is a fantastic workout, will wake you up, and channel any wayward energy into a pair of boxing gloves. Boxing will only leave you with the good stuff post-workout, so that you can be a ray of sunshine on the morning call.


Has dancing ever put anyone in a bad mood? Whether we dance from the comfort of our own homes, or choose a type of dance to learn - from the tango, to ballroom, to tap - waking up will be so much easier if you've fallen in love with dance.


Pole fitness is tough. Some of the strongest people we know practice pole, and not only is it great for building strength and flexibility, it's heaps of fun too. Be prepared for sore arms and a couple of bruises the first few times you try it, but before long you'll be wanting to set up a pole in every room of your house just to give it a swing.

Final Note

Which workouts get you out of bed in the morning? We'd love to hear about your favourites; email us at to share your best ways to get moving.


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