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8 Little Things To Enjoy at Work

It's all too often that we focus on what we don't like about our routine (Monday mornings, laundry, a long commute), but with a simple shift in perspective our outlook can become a whole lot brighter when we focus on what we love. No corner of our lives is void of goodness - and the same can be said for our jobs, so we've explored eight things you can focus on before work to get you excited, rather than dreading the week ahead.

Early Morning Silence

There's nothing quite like those first few hours of the day where it feels like the rest of the world is still asleep. Having nothing but birdsong all to yourself and the quiet sigh of a world that's slowly waking up is the perfect time to meditate, and get yourself geared up for the rest of your day.

Feel Good Routines

Having a routine to look forward to can be a stabiliser for our mood and for our sense of security. Taking comfort in a step-by-step daily practice - whether that's waking up and going for a run, or reading on the train to work - can serve as a positive focus the night before a busy day. Take a look at our blog on morning routines for ideas on the kinds of things that could improve your wellbeing before work.


Whether your breakfast is fit for a king or a simple cup of coffee, looking forward to the very first refreshment of the day can be a bright spark on a drizzly Monday morning. Take a look at some of our breakfast ideas for every kind of morning person for a little inspiration on how to brighten any day first thing.

Catchups & Colleagues

Social connection is an important currency when it comes to wellbeing - and the workplace is ripe with friends waiting to be made. Whether or not you're a social butterfly, a 5 minute conversation can make any day a little better, so putting in the effort to ask about someone's weekend can be a rewarding highlight in the midst of a busy week.

Exciting Projects

There will always be periods of tedious work, but rather than letting these overshadow your view of the workplace, concentrate on the projects that bring fulfilment - whether that's because you're learning something new, shaping the future of the business, or feeding your own curiosity and the reason you took this job in the first place.

Lunch Breaks

Very few people don't get excited at the prospect of food, and lunchtimes can be a welcome break during a busy day. Treating yourself to something special once in a while can turn the tables on a bad mood, and making sure you utilise your full lunch-break can also leave you feeling energised and ready to crack on with more great work in the afternoon.

Opportunities for Growth

The workplace is full of opportunity - you just need to keep an open mind. Taking initiatives to fix processes, suggest improvements, and take on interesting projects outside the scope of your day-to-day can present you with future opportunities to grow and progress into something even more exciting than you ever expected.

A Slice of Home

Sometimes work can be a drag, and if you're away from home it can be especially tough to find comfort. Making sure you have things around that are yours and only yours - whether that's a desk plant, a favourite mug, or even a pair of slippers under your desk can provide a little more ease into a rough day.

Final Note

There are hundreds of things to enjoy about work - whatever your career path. What do you enjoy about your day-to-day? Let us know at


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