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Bedtime Routines

Getting ready for bed is often done on autopilot, but the attention we should be paying to the moments before we settle down between the sheets should be as mindful as the time we give ourselves in the morning when we're waking up. Finding a groove when winding down is really important for letting our bodies know it's time to rest, and especially after a busy 9-5, provides a stable transition from the business of the day to the calm of the night.

Pre-Bedtime Routine

Perhaps even before your bedtime routine begins, it's time to reel out the old cliche of not putting off 'til tomorrow what you can do today. Nothing heavy duty - but those mindless tasks like washing the dishes, tidying things away, and laying out your clothes for the next day. With a clean and tidy home, you can settle into your routine sound in the knowledge that you won't wake up at 1am in a panic because you left tomorrow's lunch out on the counter. Not only this, but you'll thank yourself in the morning (trust us) and start the day with no niggling chores.

Lights Out

We don't mean stumbling around in total darkness, but rather putting your phones and laptop away, and switching the TV off an hour before bed. It is so tempting to watch your favourite show before you go to sleep, we've been there, but an hour of Money Heist followed by trying to have some restful sleep is not for the faint-hearted - TV shows can get our adrenaline pumping and our minds whirring with plot twists and wonder, whilst phones and laptop's blue light keeps our brains thinking it's still daytime, which means our melatonin production gets out of whack - and so does our sleep.

To Do

Who doesn't love lists? Writing down anything that you're worried about that can wait until tomorrow is a good way to reassure your mind that the short-term has been taken care of, and you can go about your evening with ease - reserving your thoughts for good vibes only.

Get Cosy

A hot shower, scented candles, and soft jammies. Mm mm mm, even typing that out gave us the warm and fuzzies. Also, if you lower the temperature in your home at night it will not only help you sleep better throughout the evening, but gives you an excuse to pull on the thickest, wooliest socks, and snuggle under a blanket as you go about your bedtime routine.


Was there ever a more peaceful activity? With the same entertainment value as film, yet somehow deeply relaxing, books are a fantastic way to drift off whilst deeply interested in something - somewhat of a paradox yet entirely true. Take a look at our reading list for some inspiration.

Hot Drink

Not coffee, obviously. Or caffeinated tea for that matter. But a hot chocolate, warm milk, or herbal tea can give off some real cosy vibes as you snuggle up with your book under a blanket.

Meditation, or Gentle, Gentle Yoga

And we mean gentle. Both meditation and yoga focus our minds on the present moment, cutting out the noise from the day and the outside world. This is especially handy before bed, when unwanted thoughts and worries can keep us up. Practising both yoga and meditation can help us sleep better, and meditations can even be done in bed, as you nod off. Try out a ten minute body scan meditation next time you get under the covers and see if you're ready to doze off by the end of it.

Final Note

If you're not asleep by the end of this post and would like to share your own bedtime routine with us, send us an email at


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