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Desk Yoga

Okay, so maybe this isn't quite what you had in mind when you saw yoga, but creating space for your body when sat at your desk all day is something we're all guilty of letting fall by the wayside. Poor posture and lack of mobility can lead to upper back and shoulder pain, lower back pain, stress, and a host of other nasties. Sound a little too familiar? A handy infographic created by Blue Zones Project and Healthways shows us the best stretches to give your body a little bit of TLC throughout the 9-5.

1. Living on a Prayer

With your palms together, fingers pointing up, push your hands downward

2. Like a Prayer

With your palms together, fingers pointing down, pull your hands upwards

3. Can't Touch This

Hands together, fingers interlaced, extend your arms with palms facing forward

4. Thriller

Arms behind your back, grab your wrist with the opposite hand and pull whilst tilting your head to the side. Reverse and repeat

5. Pump It Up

Arms above your head, grab your opposite elbow and lean to the side

6. Straight Up

With your fingers interlaced, pull your arms overhead with palms reaching upward

7. I'm Your Boogie Man

Arms by your side, roll your shoulders up and back

8. Get Back

Sit down, place your hands on lower back for support, and lean back

9. The Twist

Cross one leg over the other, take your opposite arm to your knee, and twist towards the open side

10. Shake, Rattle and Roll

Arms by your side, shake your hands out

Final Note

How do you take care of your body at work? Let us know at


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