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Easy Appreciation in the 9-5

Gratitude is a proven method to make us happier, and the workplace is an excellent resource to show your colleagues, co-workers, managers, and employees some appreciation, boosting both their self-esteem and your own satisfaction. We take you through the benefits of appreciating your colleagues, as well as some easy ways to say thank you.

It can seem self-indulgent to seek praise in order to work harder, but hey, it works, the science says so. There's no shame in what motivates us, and across the board many of us are motivated by a simple thank you. A study showed that people who were told they worked well at a mundane, voluntary task, ended up staying longer, for free than those who were not appreciated. So if you're thanked for something you get paid for... imagine the results (managers, bear this in mind when you think your employees don't need a nod of appreciation).

It can be difficult, especially in the UK, where any display of emotion, positive or negative, is often a faux pass, but letting go of a stiff upper lip and learning to be more open is something we all should practice. Here are our top ways to say thanks:

The Face to Face

Simple, straightforward, and a classic, just say it to their face - but most importantly, make sure your appreciation is sincere. Try and avoid giving a general thank you, taking time to choose a project, activity, or task that a colleague has done well or worked hard on, and recognise the achievement. The warm feels are worth it.

Email The Boss

There's something so wonderful about being recognised at all levels, so if someone has shone this week, don't just let them know, let their boss know too. CC the culprit you're impressed with so that they know their actions are being seen, and revel in the camaraderie of a team effort in thanking.

Anonymous Cupcake

Sometimes appreciation can be awkward on both sides, but a small anonymous gesture with a note of thanks is a great way to boost morale without the discomfort of having to nod at each other with an awkward smile for the rest of the day.

Team Spirit

The polar opposite of the cupcake-thank you, announce the hard work of a colleague to the team and make sure everyone knows how fantastic they are. Not only will it make them feel good (or blush, but still good), but it will make the entire office know that their efforts aren't going unnoticed.

Final Note

Finding something to be grateful for at work can be as easy as recognising the efforts of others and the impact is has on your day to day. What goes around comes around, and gratefulness in the 9-5 is a fantastic way to create a positive working environment.

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