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Making Time to Exercise in the 9-5

Having it all is a rocky road; between juggling a successful career, our social lives, family time, our hobbies, and then on top of it all - staying fit! It can feel like an impossible expectation. Whilst all of these things are important, prioritising exercise is key to maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. So, how on earth do we squeeze it in, and more than that - how we do we enjoy it? We look at some tips on making time for exercise in our busy schedules.

Be Prepared

Minor inconveniences are one of the quickest routes to giving up. 'But my socks are in the other room' is an excuse that wears thin over time, so making sure that you have a go-bag pre-prepared can serve as a huge motivator in itself. Whether it's having your gym clothes laid out for you in the morning with your office gear packed up, or if it's laying out a yoga mat in the living room the night before so you can roll straight onto it, preparing yourself for a workout takes half the effort out for you before you even begin.

Use Your Calendar

We love calendars - not only are they a great way of prioritising and allocating tasks effectively, but they also allow you to see how much free time you have. If there's a gap straight after work that would otherwise be spent procrastinating around the house, throw in some time to work out. Turning on a reminder will also be a gentle nudge in the right direction - and you'll quickly learn that there's always room to make time for yourself.

Buddy Up

Whether it's a colleague at the office or your partner in your home-office, organising joint gym ventures, runs, or fitness classes means that there's someone else to hold you accountable, motivate you, as well as make the workout more fun. And it never hurts to have a personal cheerleader nearby telling you how much you've improved.


Another de-motivator is a gym that's 40 minutes away, or a class at inconvenient times. Research gyms that are on your way to work or round the corner from your house - or better yet - find a running route to and from your front door. With literally everything available online these days you can also clear a space in your home to take some online classes, whether it's yoga, pilates, or something more rigourous. There's no excuse not to work out if the fitness class is now three steps from your bed.

Sweat as the Kids Play

Working out as a parent is hard. Not only do you have far less time than anyone else, but your schedule is even less predictable. The good news is, kids are super active - so whether you've organised a play date, they're at ballet, or kicking a football around with their friends, use this time to sneak in some of your own activity.

30 Minutes Earlier

Setting an alarm even earlier is probably the last thing you want to read, but an extra half an hour in the morning is life-changing (we're not exaggerating). To counter-act the lost zzz's, try shifting your sleep schedule - getting into bed half an hour earlier and settling down with a good book isn't a bad price to pay in order to get some activity in in the mornings.

Love What You Do

Probably the most important thing about finding time to workout is actually enjoying the exercise. Finding something that you really love is unique to you - whether you prefer gentle workouts like yoga, or intense ones like rock-climbing. Shop around for a class, practice, or workout that suits you and your personality, and making time for it should suddenly feel like so much more of a breeze.

Final Note

How do you squeeze exercise into your daily routine? Let us know at


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