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Fall in Love with 6am : Breakfast

Why is eating first thing in the morning considered the most important meal of the day? We delve into the science behind the importance of breakfast, and offer up some ideas for all types of morning people; those who really can't face food at 7am, those of you on the fence, and of course the ones who love a good feed.

Why Is Breakfast So Important?

One of the longest-held myths surrounding breakfast is the idea that we must eat it as soon as we wake up. The truth is, it can be eaten at your own pace, when you want, where you want, and however you want, but it should never be skipped. The first meal of the day provides us with:

  • Brain fuel; we need the glucose from our brekkie to get going

  • Nutrients & vitamins; breakfast foods usually provides a huge chunk of the day's good stuff, including fibre, B vitamins, and calcium

  • Reduces the risk of illness; people who eat breakfast regularly are at less risk of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes

The bottom line is, if you're serious about looking after yourself then breakfast is the best place to start. Not only that, but it can be something to look forward to; think of it as an easy means to brighten the crappiest of mornings.

Breakfast for those who hate breakfast

We see you, people who consider a shot of espresso enough sustenance until 1pm. We know your game. That crazy look in your eye from pure caffeine coursing through your veins. And we get it, some stomachs feel fragile before midday, but that's no excuse to deprive your body of the love it deserves. Take a look at our suggestions and see if we can change your (delirious, wired) mind...


So many flavours, so little time. Do you want it thicc, smooth, juicy, creamy, pink, red, green, purple? With a thousand smoothie recipes out there to choose from, from the super healthy to the super indulgent, they're a sure fire way to blend lots of vits n bits into a bottle that you can guzzle before 8am.

Fresh Fruit

Bananas, apples, mango, strawberries, kiwi, pomegranate, or if you hate yourself, grapefruit (we're kidding, kind of). So easy, so healthy, and a good way to sneak in some of your five-a-day, it's hard to turn your nose up at nature's candy store.

Or if all else fails... lemon water

We admit... it's not a 'real' breakfast, but it's less harsh on your digestive system first thing in the morning than a coffee, and gets at least some vitamins in your system before lunchtime. Lemon water is refreshing, healthy, and wakes your body up gently. Easily prepared the night before, all you need is one lemon and a bottle & water.

Breakfast for those on the fence

Some of us feel neither here nor there about food in the mornings. Yes, we'll eat it if it's in front of us, no we won't go out of our way to find it if it's not there. But what if we offered you some options that were truly delicious; not too heavy, not too much effort, but just right (like Goldilocks' porridge?). And on that note...

Overnight Oats

We know they have a bit of a hipster rep, but they're so good that we don't care. With hundreds of different ways to make overnight oats, whether you like it plain or wacky, there's a recipe out there waiting for you to discover it. Our personal fave is oats featuring oats: overnight oats with oatmilk & chia seeds, topped with a smidge of honey. Mm, mm.

Avocado Toast

Possibly the sole perpetrator of the millennial housing crisis and another hipster addition, we had to include it 'cause it goooood. The only difficult thing about this recipe is catching an avocado before it goes from rock hard to an overripe squishy mess (we've heard it's a 20 second window, so get ready to grab it). Avo toast can be enjoyed on its own with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, or with a tonne of other toppings, from sundried tomatoes, to poached eggs, to something as wild as pomegranate and coriander.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easy-peasy, beautiful. These can be boiled in bulk, and keep for A WHOLE WEEK, which is perfect if you can't be bothered to get creative every single day. Grab them from the fridge before you leave for work, and you'll find it's far less effort than being a hangry gremlin.

Breakfast for foodies

The thought of starting the day without food seems preposterous for some of us. The very idea of missing a meal is horrifying. So with this in mind, we present you with some tantalising treats to look forward to, as soon as you wake up:

Breakfast Burrito

Satisfying, delicious, warm. It's what anyone wants from a meal. Whether you spice things up or play it safe, there's a burrito for everyone from hot bean to scrambled eggs and avocado.

Salmon & Avocado Muffin/Bagel/Toast

A classic. Allow yourself to feel like you're at a Sunday brunch as you scroll through Monday morning's emails, which is what most of us want to feel like, 100% of the time. Muffins are of course not restricted to these fillings, and can be tailored to all kinds of diets. Please, be our guest and venture into a world of breakfast indulgence that will make your colleagues envious, and leave you wanting more.

Smoothie Bowl

The smoothie can be prepared at home the night before, then when you get to work you can wow everyone with a photo-ready breakfast by sprinkling fruit, granola, nut butter, and fairy dust all over the masterpiece. Not to mention it tastes great too, a win-win all round.

Final Note

If you have your own breakfast suggestions we'd love to hear which ones work for you, or if you tried some of our ideas and absolutely loved them, please let us know! You can email us at

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