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Five Unusual Hobbies

The childish sense of wonder from trying something completely new becomes harder and harder to rediscover as we grow older. Whilst there are so many new things to do that we haven't even considered before, the question is which of these can we do from the realms of a 9-5 world? We've gathered some unusual hobbies for you to try the next time you get an itch for the unknown.

Home Brewery

Not for the faint hearted, but an exciting hobby to stick with, starting your own home brewery might lead to hipster business ventures later down the line (or just make your house the place to be when organising meet-ups). Either way, with a little research, the right equipment, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, brewing your own bevs has possibly one of the top rewards going when you begin to reap the fruits of your labour.


Can you name one character that doesn't look cool with a bow and arrow? Aside from Legolas being the best member of the Fellowship, other arrow-wielding masters include Princess Merida (Brave), Hawkeye (The Avengers franchise), Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) amongst many others; who on earth wouldn't want to be a part of their ranks?


Got some repressed anger? There's an easy fix for that. Fling an instrument of death across a room toward a target and feel the sweet release of rage. Meditation who?


For those in less murderous moods, why not try the extremely relaxing activity that is candle-making. Whether you find peace in swirling molten wax around, delight in the scent of essential oils, or simply the satisfaction of the perfect smoothness when the wax cools down, prepare to find your zen with this hobby.


Very modern, and very useful. If you want your next hobby to make you employable as well as a candidate for the world's next supervillain, why not give coding classes a try?

Final Note

Do you have any unusual hobbies that you absolutely love? Let us know by emailing us at and share the wackiest, most exciting things you've done lately.


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