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Go Green at Home

As we navigate a time when environmental health is reaching a point of no return, it's on us to make sure we have the planet's back. Whilst the idea of change, especially at home, can be daunting, we've gathered some really simple ways in which to save the world (no biggie).

Shop Local

We don't know about you, but food shopping comes close to top in the list of activities we never thought we'd find fun, but have become a firm favourite. Shopping local may seem like a laughable idea if you live in a big city, but farmers are way ahead of the curve; not only do many of them come into town to sell their goods (you can Google your local farmer's market) but they've teamed up with companies that deliver local produce to your door. Local food cuts the carbon emissions of imported goods, as well as supporting your local community.

Eat Less Meat

You don't need to radicalise your entire diet, but cutting down on meat and dairy has a huge impact on the environment with little cost to you. Meat-free meat has come such a long way recently, with some brands synthesising meat so well you wouldn't know the difference (This Isn't, Beyond Meat, Meatless Co., Linda McCartney, to name a few.) With so many vegan and vegetarian options in restaurants, supermarkets, and take-outs (we're looking at you, Papa John's vegan range) it's becoming cheap, easy, and ethical to reduce the carbon impact of your diet.

Re-Use Bags

Does anyone else have a cupboard filled with oodles and oodles of plastic bags you feel too guilty to throw out but also forget to take them shopping every time? Yeah same. Keeping 2 or 3 bags in your backpack (bag-ception) feels weirdly satisfying when you can say 'no' at the checkouts as you're offered a plastic bag, whilst saving the bag cupboard from overflowing, and - most importantly - you reduce the accumulation of waste.

Go Digital

There's a reason Sunday Sanctuary isn't in print - we love trees too much. Buy an e-reader, get an iPad, or get your favourite books and newsletters (wink wink) straight to your inbox rather than delivered to your door.

Clean Naturally

Don't worry - you don't need to make these yourself with half a lemon, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a unicorn hair; most big supermarket chains are starting to house eco-friendly washing up liquids and laundry detergents on their shelves. A few brands to look out for are Ecover, Method, and Naked.

Wash Full Loads & Dry Outside

Not only is making sure that the washing machine is full great for the environment, but it'll save you pennies on your bills too. Whilst we recognise that drying clothes outside can be a bit of a hit and miss, try and make the most of a sunny day by skipping the drier; the clothes will smell amazing, you'll save money, and you'll save the environment. Wow. Talk about a trifecta.

Final Note

Have you got any great suggestions for saving the world from the comfort of your own home? Let us know at, we always love to hear from you.


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