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Going Green in the 9-5

Being environmentally conscious is often restricted to our personal lives, but going green at work doesn't have to cost you more time than it's worth. Aside from the obvious benefits for the environment, there's the added smugness you get from being an all-round great person as you look out for the planet all. day. long.

Bring a Packed Lunch

Buying food at work not only wastes a tonne of money every week, but a store-bought lunch usually comes packaged in plastic. By packing your own lunch in reusable containers you're doing the environment a solid, your bank account a solid, and your body a solid. But if you really, truly, can't make your own packed lunch (or if you are a billionaire) then take some time to discover which cafes are environmentally conscious (for instance, Leon's packaging is biodegradable).

Buy a Water Bottle

& bring your own mug. Not only is there a homely satisfaction to having something that is yours and only yours in the office, but skipping reusable cups and bottles helps keeps landfills nice and trim. Go a step further and be that person who brings a reusable cup to Starbucks - it gets you money off your coffee, AND you get to feel like a hero for the rest of the day.

Give the Printer a Rest

Printers are pretty much redundant, but if you have some boomers around who insist on using them then make sure you're printing double sided. If you haven't already, ask if you can get a paper recycling bin, invest in recycled paper, and glare at anyone getting trigger happy with the printing.

Invest in Some Greens

Buying plants for the office filters the air and creates a better working environment for everyone. There's really not much else to say, you just have to trust us on this one, and go buy an office jungle.

Donate Unwanted Furniture

Resigning old furniture to a dumpster is both wasteful and a little heart-breaking. Up-cycling is in, and there are tonnes of companies that will gladly do most of the work for you, all you have to do is Google them.

Turn Off The Lights

Make it a ritual that symbolises the end of 'work you' and the beginning of 'home-time!' you. Who knew that saving the world could feel so good? If you're feeling extra whacky then why not turn your computer off at the plug too.

Think about your commute, or WFH altogether

Try to take public transport wherever you can, cycle, or if possible, walk (or run if you're insane/a superhero). Better yet, if you have the option to work from home, try to do so as much as you can. Unnecessary travel to and from work also pumps unnecessary crap into the environment, and you don't want that hanging over your conscience, do you?

Take The Stairs

Fit, AND a good person? Tick.

Final Note

There are hundreds of ways to make work a greener place to be. If you have any suggestions from your own workplace, or fun ideas to try out (the weirder the better) then get in touch with us at


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