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Handling a Toxic Workplace

Toxicity, whether it's a friendship, relationship, or a working environment, should never be tolerated in the long-term, but in the short-term it can be difficult to drop off the face of the earth to avoid it. So, whilst you're stuck in limbo it's good to know about strategies that keep your mental wellbeing a top priority, and we share some tips on how best to navigate stormy seas.

It's Not Me, It's You

Um, sorry. One of the most important things for your self-esteem is to remember that the situation you find yourself in is no reflection on who you are as a person, no matter the negative energy you feel around, or directed towards you. By trying not to take things personally it's easier to remove yourself from the situation - although this is easier said than done. Make a list of all your achievements, and remind yourself frequently of what you bring to the table. Speaking to loved ones helps counteract any negativity you may have experienced during the day, so be sure to take in all the love as you ward off the nasties.

Find Good Eggs

There will be others in the office who share your sentiments, colleagues who seek positive, healthy, vibes and do their best to avoid drama. Find these people, and surround yourself with them; look for colleagues who encourage and inspire you to do better, from whom you can learn and nurture a better corner of your 9-5.

Tune Out

Literally; pop in your headphones and bang on some tunes. Not only can music elevate our mood, transport us to faraway places, increase our concentration, and generally do no harm, it also drowns out your environment. This goes for both offices and working from home; music reminds us of a whole wide world beyond the 9-5, which is perfect for keeping things in perspective.

Take a listen to some of our playlists - tailored to cater for every kind of mood.

Leave the Trash Outside

Toxicity has a way of tainting the purest things, so it's vital that you don't take your work stress home with you. Easier said than done, especially if you work from home, but there are many ways to create the distinction between work and home, whether you're in an office or a room in your house. Take a look at our top tips for creating healthy boundaries between the two.

Don't Engage

Whether it's office gossip, or negativity directed straight at you, smile politely and keep your head down. Toxic people thrive off of reaction, and by denying them one you strip them of their power - and it feels amazing when you can gaze down at them from your moral high horse after you've successfully ignored their BS.

Concentrate on the Good

Work is just one part of our lives; there are so many other things to be excited about, and so many things which bring us joy, whether it's a loved one, a holiday, a project, a hobby, or our pets. Whenever things get really stressful, retreat into your happy place by reminding yourself of the abundance of goodness that exists in your world when the clock strikes 5.

Take a Breather

You should be taking breaks anyway, but removing yourself from a toxic situation every few hours allows time for perspective and a respite for your poor old wellbeing. Take a look at why a walking lunch is so good for us - and how it can help heal a tired mind.

Final Note

If your workplace is toxic and you're finding it difficult to cope with a boss, colleague, or environment, please speak to your HR department, reach out for help externally, and be pro-active about looking for new work. If you have any tips for dealing with a toxic environment, please message us at

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