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Healing Emotional Wounds

Each of us has suffered heartache; from the loss of a loved one to the demise of a relationship, emotional wounds are an integral, painful, important part of being human. Finding your feet during periods of turmoil can be both frustrating as well as seemingly impossible, but knowing how to find solace can make healing from trauma a slightly easier journey.

Accept Support

It can be tempting to reject the help of loved ones when you think they can't understand how you feel, and whilst no one can ever know your unique experience, solidarity can be found in the parallel experiences of others. Letting people in and hearing their words, accepting help, and leaning into their actions can lift some of the burden of an emotional wound from your shoulders.

Find Professional Help

Whilst our loved ones provide a great source of comfort, they too have boundaries that need to be respected. In cases of deeper wounds that comfort can't quite reach, reaching out to a professional therapist or counsellor can be the first step in channeling your thought patterns into a more positive direction.

Connect With Others

Connecting with people who have experienced similar traumas can help shed light on emotions you can't untangle on your own, as well as leaving you feeling seen and heard. Emotional wounds can be isolating, and the knowledge that there are others out there who've had similar experiences to you can transform your perspective. A good place to start is finding local support groups, or reaching out to a charity.


Our minds are often in sync with our bodies. Making sure we remain physically healthy may not solve emotional trauma, but it can put you on the path to quicker recovery. The stronger and healthier our bodies are, the clearer the mind becomes. Exercise is also a great way to pull focus away from emotional pain.

Practice Self-Care

Similar to the effects of exercise, being gentle toward ourselves creates space to heal. Saying no to draining events, setting healthy boundaries, running hot baths or showers, and enjoying your favourite food lays the foundations of a healthier, happier outlook on life.

Avoid Bad Habits

Sinking down the rabbit hole of social media may provide a temporary distraction, but often only makes you feel worse. Similarly, drinking alcohol, staying up late, and eating unhealthy food on a regular basis has a ripple effect on your emotional wellbeing, so steering clear of bad habits increases your chances of healing faster.

Final Note

Healing won't happen overnight, and it isn't easy. Just like the body, the mind needs time, energy, and rest to heal, and you need to be patient whilst it does just that. Time is the greatest healer, but ensuring you nurture support systems, eat and sleep well, and stay physically fit and healthy will speed your recovery just that little bit more.


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