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Keep Life Simple

When we think about what gives us the greatest joy in life, the answer is usually very simple; loved ones, pets, a good cup of coffee, or a walk in the park. Stripping back the noise in our day to day is a great way to reconnect with what truly matters, so we've gathered a few starting points on the best ways to keep life simple.


Perhaps the most obvious of all, simplicity begins with having less stuff. It's easy to justify why we need a fourth pair of trainers, but we can't wear more than one pair of shoes at the same time, so what's the purpose in more? And it's not just clothes, it's things too. That's not to say we should live in an empty room with a single mattress and a raggedy t-shirt, but rather to be more mindful about what we do buy, why we're buying it, and how much value the purchase will really bring.

Go Offline

Whether it's personal or professional, taking time away from our phones and laptops turns the volume of information, thoughts, and judgements that the world throws at us right down. The ability to know anything at the touch of a button is incredible, but it's also addictive, and too much of a good thing can be difficult to regulate. Whether it's only having one form of social media, or time restrictions on all of them, setting limits can be a fantastic way to stop our minds from wandering down a rabbit hole. Give yourself a break and enjoy the simplicity of the the present moment for a few hours a day through practices such a meditation, yoga, or a walk in the park, and you'll quickly find comfort in the quiet.


Keeping a clean and tidy home fosters a clean and tidy mind. If we learned anything from Marie Kondō it's that tidying isn't a chore, but a mindful practice that helps us from the outside in. By tidying up we often discover what we do and do not need, all whilst experiencing how cathartic it is to get rid of rubbish. If tidying really isn't your thing, or you just don't have the time, make your bed before you leave the house in the mornings and savour this as your zen space that's free from clutter.

Wear the Same

Not only is fast fashion terrible for the environment, but focusing on our clothes can impact our mental health negatively too. Worrying about what to wear, and wasting time rifling through our wardrobe are problems easily solved by simply wearing the same, or similar things every day. We're not advocating the ownership of just one (very smelly) t-shirt, but having a few plain outfits for simple days is a game-changer. Keep special outfits for special events, but we can all agree that fashion does not need to be added to the list of annoying things we need to tackle every week.

Eat the Same

Just like your clothes, it's much easier to have the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Friday. Not only does it make straying from the norm more exciting, but it frees up more time for you to concentrate on things that require your attention throughout the week. It can seem a bizarre tip, especially if you're a foodie, but it's often healthier, saves pennies, and buys you more time in the 9-5.


So simple, and so pure. Reading takes many of us back to being a kid, or transports us into another world altogether. It's so easy to let everything drop away; time, needs, sound, and fall in love with the words on a page. Curl up with a cup of coffee and your favourite genre, and if you're looking for some suggestions, take a look at our reading list.

Final Note

Do you have any tips for ways to keep life simple? If so we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch at, or join our online community to take the discussion further.

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