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Three Ways to Make Great Memories

Research suggests that the majority of people's happiest and most treasured memories occur between the ages of 15 - 30, but what happens after our third decade? We don't want to settle for anything less than a lifetime full of our greatest moments, so we've looked at three ways to make sure we never stop creating memories worth dreaming about.

Work Your Senses

Boosting our five senses makes moments stand out; whether it's a particularly good dish at a restaurant, awesome new music at a festival, that new-place smell as you step off a plane, or the feel of a first kiss with someone new, our minds boggle at the novelty of experiences. As we get older we tend to fall into a routine, there are less 'firsts', and often, less exciting activities that stand out. To combat this, we should make an effort to visit new places, book events whether it's a music festival or a comedy club, and try new cuisines both at home and outside the house. Flip your usual on its head, be spontaneous, and go down the path less travelled.


Moments of unity with other people often stick firmly in our minds - especially if those moments involve overcoming a setback together. That's not to say you should go ahead and create drama just for the sake of working through it, but life is often full of little niggles, and the connection that comes from working with others on overcoming them is hard to forget. To get you started, why not bring out that old game of Monopoly - or if that will cause too much strife - help a friend out with some home improvements, bringing over some snacks to soften the inevitable frustrations of DIY.


Milestones tend to peter out over time, and even anniversaries and birthdays can blend into one. It can be really fun to create your own milestones, even if they seem a little silly. Begin by setting yourself some personal targets, for instance the Couch to 5K, or doing the splits, and once you reach your goal make it known! No matter how silly or small some milestones may seem, celebrating them not only makes them stand out from everything else even more, but doing so will work your senses (see point 1!) Creating vivid memories of an event or goal being reached is so much more worthwhile than jotting down a date that fades over time.

Final Note

What's one of your most memorable experiences, and why does it stand out so much? Let us know at


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