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Make The Most of Flexi-Time

Flexi-Hours - the option to set your own work hours within a given time frame - are a great addition to modern working, but can easily be under-utilised. We explore the best ways to get the most of flexible working.


Although it seems contrary to the concept of flexi-time, making sure that the hours you choose remain regular means that you're still able to switch between the personal and professional. Making sure that you start at a similar time each day makes your week easier and less chaotic; the true perk of flex-time can be found in choosing when you start your day, whether you're an early bird, or prefer a lie in.

Hard Stops

Given that everyone finishes work at a different time when flexible working is offered, it can be easy for the day to never end as more and more people keep asking you for a favour here and a meeting there. Making sure that you've set a hard stop means that you know you've put your hours in, and don't need to feel guilty about something that can be picked up in the morning. If you find people are still bothering you, turn your notifications off after you clock out, and put an Out of Office email in during your down time.

Pick a Side

One of the biggest benefits of flexible hours is the ability for it to open up a morning or an evening. Rather than spending hours you could be productive commuting, or if you WFH, working at a time that doesn't suit you, you can choose to broaden your horizons and leave more time for your hobbies. Whether that means a morning run or an evening yoga class, spending more time with your family or carving out a few hours for yourself, choosing to shift your working hours early or late rather than slap-bang in the middle leaves way more time for a better work/life balance.

Some perks of flexible hours include:

  • More time to exercise

  • Better sleep

  • More time with loved ones

  • Easier, faster commutes

  • Less stress

Final Note

If you think your workplace could benefit from flexible working, have a chat with your manager. Less stressed, less tired employees are more motivated, more productive, and much less likely to start looking elsewhere for a workplace that offers other benefits.


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