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Novel Work Party Ideas

Whether or not you're a social bunny, it's hard to avoid the annual office party. Rather than thinking of an excuse not to go to the pub around the corner again, it would be nice to get as excited about the social as we do about Christmas. So how do we make it a get-together that won't be forgotten? Well, you're in luck, with some of our very favourite ideas below.

Art Class

Disclaimer: no talent required. Freestyle art classes are a great way to set your own limits, get creative, and relax. If you want to add a competitive edge, turn it into a talent show, and have prizes prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of your winning categories may include:

  • Used the Most Paint

  • Most Mysterious Picture (seriously, what is that?)

  • Messiest Painter

  • Greatest Perfectionist (for the person who uses a ruler to paint)

  • Scariest Creation - because likely one masterpiece will give you nightmares

And if you want to let the colours flow freely, accompany the party with bottomless bubbles...

Sports Day

Remember how Sports Day was always the best day of the school year, even if you didn't have a single athletic bone in your body? Our personal favourite was the egg and spoon race, and whipping out some of the classics like the wheelbarrow race, the sack race, and sausage roll racing is a great way to get people active, and see your CEO jumping around in a bin bag.

Scavenger Hunt

The perfect way to bring people together from all four corners of the office. A little more organisation and brainpower than most office party planning, it'll be worth it when the competition kicks off. Find a location you can get familiar with, and think about the teams, tasks, and prizes to make it unforgettable.

Games Tournament

Pictionary, Ludo, Connect Four, Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, Cranium, Operation... the list goes on. What better way to while away an evening and reveal to everyone just how competitive you really are. Make it grown up with canapés, tipple, and a scoreboard.

Cooking Class

The options for food classes are endless, from pizza to sushi, baking to pasta making, it's a guarantee that there'll be something for everyone. An activity that's both creative and delicious, split the office into teams and see who can sizzle up the best dish.

Final Note

Do you have any great suggestions for a novel office party? We'd love to add to our list, so if you've been to or organised any unique parties, let us know at


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