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Offline Activities

Looking for some inspiration for what to do beyond your screen? We've gathered some of our favourite offline activities for you to explore at your leisure.


It goes without saying, really.


Finding an exercise that floats your boat not only keeps you healthy, but also encourages you to spend more and more time away from your devices. If you're not sure what you love, try a mix of activities, from classics to more rogue suggestions:

  • The gym

  • Yoga

  • Running

  • Cycling

  • Pilates

  • Pole-fitness

  • Rowing

  • Boxing

  • Muy Thai

  • Tennis

These days a workout doesn't need to mean a gym membership or even stepping foot outside your home; there are plenty of excellent free workouts to be found online, from 30 minute yoga classes to 10 minute HIIT workouts.

Walk & Podcast

There's nothing better than sunshine, the outdoors, and a great podcast. Keep a list of podcasts downloaded at all times, switch off your 4G, and immerse yourself into total relaxation.

Phone a Friend

There's probably a long list of people you're overdue for a catchup with, whether it's your grandma, your best friend, or an old colleague.

Game Night

If you prefer in-person gatherings, organise a game night and ask everyone to leave their phones at the door. From charades to monopoly, to a full on murder mystery, there's fun for all kinds of people to be had at a game night.

Get Creative

Painting, sketching, collaging... the list of arts and crafts goes on. If you have kids, great, if you don't, even better - let your inner child loose and spice up your down time with a little colour.

Get Cooking

We all have cookbooks that haven't been touched for years. Dig out a recipe you always wanted to try but never got around to, and cook up a storm in your kitchen.

Movie Night

The art of a proper movie night has been forgotten, so settle down with some popcorn, a blanket, and an old favourite - or a film you've been dying to watch for weeks.

Deep Clean

A spring clean might sound boring, but de-cluttering can feel productive, as well as making you feel better about your physical space. Start small with a drawer or cupboard, and work your way up to donating anything you haven't used for a while.

Final Note

How do you spend time offline? We'd love to know; email us at


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