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Positive Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a dangerously addictive place, and is often the root cause of some of our biggest insecurities. Curating your feed is a positive step toward making sure the content you do engage with leaves you feeling great. We've shared some of our favourite accounts, from mindfulness, to animals, to body positivity and everything in between.

Wild Animals

An account for a rescued fur-farm fox has flourished into an account that follows all the wildlife rescued by the kind-hearted human who runs Juniper's account. Juniper is of course the star of the show, but shares the spotlight with other rescued foxes, possums, racoons, stick insects, and a dog called Moose.

Pets & Rescue

Because one animal account is never enough. @kittenxlady (Hannah) and her parter @iamthecatphotographer (Andrew) foster neo-natal kittens, documenting their tiny but mighty journeys as they nurse them to health ready for adoption. It's not just kittens they look after either - from piglets to puppies, these guys open their home to all manner of fur-babies in need.

Body Positivity

We'd argue that @saggysara is the OG body positivy influencer. Years ago her account was used for classic fitness influencing; posed photos that gave her audience unrealistic body expectations for how they should look day-to-day. Realising this, Sara changed her approach, starting with comparison photos of her body posed and unposed. Since then the account has blossomed to unpick all manner of insecurities - applicable to all genders, races, and identities - with one goal in mind; to tell us all that our natural bodies are beautiful.

Inspirational Stories

There's no doubt you've heard of HONY - the New York based photographer who asks strangers in the street to take their portrait and tell their story. HONY brings to attention the complexity of every human life, the need to treat strangers with respect, and awe-inspiring inspiration from the hardships, success, and resilience his subjects show. [We've included the caption for this post]

Fitness & Health

There aren't too many fitness accounts out there that don't make you feel bad about yourself. Whether it's unrealistic body expectations or unrealistic goals (who really has 3 hours to spend in the gym every morning?) @thegoodbodydotcom is a small account that keeps it real with useful information, facts, and stats that are far more motivating than your average influencer.


This was a toughie. There are so many great GREAT food accounts out there that narrowing it down to just one was hard. We decided to go for an all-rounder; @food52 showcases the best of the best featuring new chefs with varied recipes each week. From desserts to salads to mains, vegan to gluten free to carnivore, this feed has it all.


...we had to. We don't post often, but when we do, we mean it.

More Mindfulness

Gorgeous illustrations paired with uplifting statements? What more could you want. @noharanda creates beautiful images that look great in your feed and even more wonderful on your wall (if you fancy taking a look at their prints). With fun posts that include taking a screenshot of a fast-moving image to get your own personal message from the universe, there's nothing to not like about this account.

MORE Mindfulness

Seeing an unexpected, uplifting message at random has a great impact on your mood - and having them pop up in your feed is a good alternative if you can't get out and about in a hipster part of town. @selfcarewithwall is well worth a follow for a burst of regular positivity


One of the most touching modern poets of our time, Rupi captures raw emotion in such a way that it resonates with millions of readers globally. From issues on femininity, feminism, race, and immigration, Rupi's words will touch even the hearts of those who don't really like poetry

Final Note

What are your favourite accounts? We'd love to feature them; you can share your thoughts with us at, and give us a follow on Insta too


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