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Reset Inspiration #001

Making decisions is hard, especially when it comes to some well deserved R&R. We've taken the hard work out of your holiday planning, so you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that we're here to offer a helping hand with some inspiration each month, covering the why, when, and most importantly, where.

Santorini - Greece

A little known fact about Santorini is that this opulent Greek island is easy to do on a budget too. With €2 glasses of wine (and that's the expensive stuff) and roadside souvlakis galore, you don't need to break the bank to enjoy this luxury destination.

Consider staying outside of the two main villages, Oia and Fira, if you're looking to save some pennies (we recommend Perissa with its black sand beaches). Oia and Fira are where the island's famous cliffside hotels reside, and can be easily accessed by reliable bus routes that run across the island - so you don't need to miss out on the breath-taking views, delicious dishes, and nightlife of the more popular towns.

Spring is a great time to visit; it's cool enough to do the jaw-dropping 10km Fira-Oia coastal walk without gasping for air, it's less busy (which along the winding streets of the island, is a big deal), and prices are a little cheaper than usual. Not to mention you're likely to have blazing sunshine during your entire stay, so you can still come back with a tan.

When to go: April - June and September - October are perfect if you want to avoid melting into a puddle of sweat and souvlaki.

Bali - Indonesia

Bali has it all, from beaches, to jungles, to mountains. With affordable luxury placed side by side with off-the-beaten-track adventure, it's hard to think of a more perfect holiday destination. Spring brings the beginning of the dry season, with cooler temperatures and good weather, but missing the school holiday rush, you'll be guaranteed good prices of you choose to go off-peak.

Spend some time in up-market Seminyak, and take a day trip (or stay a few days) in Nusa Penida. Visit Mount Batur, and trek through the jungles in the northern part of the island. Ubud is a place you absolutely cannot miss - from hippy cafes to stunning rice terraces to forests teeming with monkeys, you will find it difficult to run out of things to do. If you're time-rich, take a boat trip out the the Gili Islands, and spend a few days in a car-free heaven.

When to go: Dry season starts in April and ends around October, however Bali is a year-round destination and 'wet' season will still provide you with plenty of sunshine and a glorious tan

New York - USA

There is a reason that so many songs and films have been written about this stunning city. It captures the imagination, and the romance doesn't disappoint when you land. Each neighbourhood has its own authentic feel, with an adventure to be uncovered at every turn.

From museums to restaurants to broadway, New York never fails to delight. Landmarks like Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building get our heart's a-flutter as we feel like we're starring in our very own rom-com.

Some of the finest cuisine in the world can be found in New York City, and we can recommend SMAC for the best mac'n'cheese you'll ever try. Izakaya MEW is another incredible must-stop stop for the best sushi in the city (but be aware, queues for this place are exhausting, so book a spot or get there early to avoid disappointment).

When to go: A great year-round destination, New York can be enjoyed during the height of summer, amidst the gorgeous colours of autumn, the magical time Christmas brings to the city, and of course the fresh air of spring.


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