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Reset Inspiration #002

Making decisions is hard, especially when it comes to some well deserved R&R. We've taken the hard work out of your holiday planning, so you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that we're here to offer a helping hand with some inspiration each month, covering the why, when, and most importantly, where.

Relax : Tulum - Mexico

When: October - December

When most people hear Tulum they think of a high-end luxury destination, yet it's a well-kept secret that Tulum is a great place to go even if you're on a budget. Whether you prefer hostels or 5* hotels, you do not want to miss out on Mexico's Caribbean Coast.

Spend your days lounging on the endless miles of white sand beaches with a piña-colada in hand, frolicking in crystal clear waters when it gets too hot. Take your pick from Playa Paraíso, a beach big enough to never feel too busy, or Las Palmas Public beach, if you prefer something a little quieter. If neither are chill enough for you, look no further than Secret Beach (or Playa Xcacel), found deep in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. Make sure you bring your own food and water here however, as Secret Beach remains very much a secret, so there's no stops for beachside tacos and cervezas.

If the beach becomes repetitive, take a short drive to a cenote and enjoy a dip in their dazzlingly fresh waters. The more adventurous types can take a swim through the caves of the Grand Cenote, or if you prefer to keep it chill, there's plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the fresh water pools in the sunshine. For those of you who prefer the road less travelled, head over to Cenote Escondido, with it's laid-back vibe and deck to lay down your towel, it's easy to feel like you've landed in an undiscovered paradise.

*Remember to bring mozzie-spray to the cenotes; surrounded by vegetation, the springs attract the little nippers like there's no tomorrow.

Adventure : Ko Tao - Thailand

When: December - April

A tiny island compared to its two more famous siblings, Ko Samui and Ko Phangan, Ko Tao is arguably the crowing jewel of the three. Whether you are a water baby or an intrepid trekker, Ko Tao spoils you for choice - from numerous viewpoints across the island, to a multitude of snorkelling and diving sites, it's easy to let the days turn to weeks on this little island. Try your hand at kayaking, free-diving, or even a cooking-class, Koh Tao has everything you need to keep you on your toes from sunset to sunrise (and once the sun sets, the night life will keep you going 'til dawn).

Hiking & Viewpoints to note

  • Mango Bay - a 1.5 hour walk from Sairee beach and the perfect place to watch sunset

  • John Suwan Viewpoint - a short 15 min climb from Freedom beach

  • Ko Nang Yuan Viewpoint - you need to get a taxi boat from Sairee beach to reach the island, and try to get there early! The viewpoint gets super busy later in the day, but if you're able to get it all to yourself then you've struck gold

Culture : Cappadocia - Turkey

When: April - May, September, December - January (for snow-capped peaks)

A destination you didn't think could exist in real life, Cappadocia is truly a wonder to behold. Some of the Turkish towns in this fairy-tale place are built into the caves found across the region, and we'd highly recommend the experience of staying in a Cave Hotel. Doing so means that when dawn comes, you'll get the chance to see the world-famous hot air balloons drift right across your bedroom window as you sip on a warm cup of Turkish coffee. We recommend staying in Göreme, which has some of the best viewpoints (and best restaurants) in the area.

Cappadocia's incredible landscape is on par with the history of the region, so you can hike through the stunning Rose Valley and end up at Göreme's open-air museum, which gives its visitors a detailed insight into the land. Make sure to take a tour through the Kaymakli Underground City, or spend the afternoon at the Ala Daglar National Park to experience the Taurus Mountains up close. You can rest assured knowing that if you choose to visit Cappadocia, you will not run out of things to do in this mystical place.

It's worth noting that Cappadocia can (and should) be visited in the winter too - not only will there be smaller crowds, but the snow-capped chimneys become - if you can believe it - even more magical.


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