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Reset Inspiration #008

Making decisions is hard, especially when it comes to some well deserved R&R. We've taken the hard work out of your holiday planning so you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that we're here to offer a helping hand with some inspiration each month, covering the why, when, and most importantly, where.

Adventure: Lago de Atitlán - Guatemala

When: November - April

Lago de Atitlán, or Lake Atitlán, has captured the imagination of everyone from shoestring backpackers to luxury seekers. Set in a volcanic crater, the lake boasts breathtaking natural beauty interwoven with centuries of culture to be found in the villages built along its shores. The weather has been dubbed an 'eternal spring', and whilst it is a year round destination that doesn't see much change in temperature, November through to May is considered its driest, and most popular, season.

Whether you want to sit back in a hot tub for a week and watch the natural beauty of the world go by, sip coffee grown and brewed by the locals, or want to try something more adventurous (kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing a volcano...), there's plenty to choose from at the lake. Getting to Lago de Atitlán from major cities can be a long, and sometimes bumpy, drive, so think about booking a night or two before and after your visit in the metropolitan city where you journey will begin and end.

Where to Stay: Whatever your budget, there's something for everyone at Lago de Atitlán. If you're not short on time, moving around a couple of towns can mean the difference between a buzzing nightlife or a wellness haven. With hundreds of hostels, hotels, and resorts dotted around, you can choose from a classic backpacker experience to 5* luxury.

Culture: Paris - France

When: Year Round

There is very little to say about Paris that you haven't already heard, but if you haven't visited yet, add it to the list. From fine dining to street-corner bakeries, a glass of champagne followed by a day trip to Champagne, art galleries, riverside walks, iconic landmarks, and instagrammable streets on every corner, there's not enough time (or money) to do Paris justice.

Planning ahead is essential, allowing yourself time to rest as well as considering what your priorities are. Finding mouth-watering places to eat (which won't be hard) near the landmarks you want to visit, and choosing a hotel closest to the parts of Paris you want to explore most are all essential to get the most out of this global icon.

Day trips to wineries, Disneyland, and traditional villages are a must for longer trips, and if you're really time-rich, why not take a train down to the French Riviera, soaking up some sun that reaches highs of 15c even in the middle of winter?

Where to Stay: From luxury hotels to AirBnBs & homestays, it depends on what kind of experience you're looking for in Paris, but staying in the city centre is advised for avid sight-seers. Boutique hotels find a middle ground between the two, allowing you to feel like a true Parisian with the comfort of being able to order room service after a hard day's exploring.

Relax: Hvar - Croatia

When: April - October

If Dubrovnik is a little too mainstream for you, why not head over to the island of Hvar, just an hour and a half ferry from the town of Split. With crystal clear waters, the smell of pine trees, and mediterranean architecture all-round, it's impossible not to relax the minute you step off the boat. Although you can spend all day sun-bathing, Hvar also has a buzzing nightlife - and with very affordable prices compared to most of Europe, it's an excellent destination for a trip with friends.

If you have time to spare, you could turn your trip into an island-hopping adventure. With hundreds of islands off of the coast of Croatia, there's plenty to choose from - whether you prefer remote beaches, hilltop villas, or bustling towns full of life. If you do choose to island hop, consider renting a boat yourself, taking the tour of Croatia's coast at your own pace.

Where to Stay: We recommend finding a hotel in the Old Town (Stari Grad), which is much quieter but just as accessible as Hvar Town.


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