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Reset Inspiration #009

Making decisions is hard, especially when it comes to some well deserved R&R. We've taken the hard work out of your holiday planning so you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that we're here to offer a helping hand with some inspiration each month, covering the why, when, and most importantly, where.

Adventure: Marrakech - Morocco

When: September - May

Located on the edge of the Sahara desert, Marrakech - also known as the Red City - has been a prominent cultural hub in Northern Africa for the past one thousand years. Framed by the Atlas mountains, this city offers adventures down every street; from sprawling gardens, to winding souks, and grand palaces to mosques buzzing with the activity of locals and curious tourists alike.

Whether you like your adventures within the walls of a city, or prefer something off the beaten path, Marrakech can provide it all. If you'd like to ride a camel through the desert, climb the Atlas mountains with a local guide, or go on a culinary tour of the city, there's something for everyone to be found in this city.

When you're done exploring the Red City but still crave more adventure, head over to the coast for surfing, yoga, and wellness classes, from meditation on paddle boards, to North African vegan cookery schools.

Where to Stay: A Riad, of course! When in Marrakech you have to experience the authenticity of truly living in this city. The best part is, Riads tend to be much more affordable - and stylish - than hotels.

Culture: London - England

When: Year Round

If you want to go right up to the Queen's front door, visit Sherlock Holmes' home, walk the same streets at the Beatles, or visit a pub overlooking some of the UK's most well-known sights, then London is the place to be if you're looking for culture on every corner. From Notting Hill (both the carnival and the film) to London Bridge, the Tower of London to the British Museum, or Hampstead Heath to Blackheath, there's no end of history waiting to be explored in England's capital.

Whether you're into history, politics, theatre, music, art, fashion, food, architecture, or photography, London is guaranteed to captivate you in one way or another. Despite its 9 million residents, you can find quiet nooks even on a Saturday lunchtime - you just need to know where to look. Find yourself a guide, or better yet Nicola Perry's 33 Walks In London will give you a real insider experience to a city that holds secrets from even those born and bred within the M25.

Where to Stay: You can go all out or find somewhere a little more affordable depending on how close to the city centre you want to be. AirBnBs and hotels outside Zone 2 are usually well connected to public transport and much cheaper than inner city accommodation, however Paddington's Inhabit Hotel is both central and doesn't break the bank - not to mention it has a plant-based restaurant, meditation pods, a library, and an infra-red sauna for its guests to use.

Relax: Seminyak - Bali (Indonesia)

When: April - October

Despite its outward appearance as a luxury holiday destination, like most places in Bali, Seminyak is very good value for money. More upmarket than the neighbouring Kuta, and less hippy than the world-famous Ubud, Seminyak is the perfect place to wind down. If you want to sit on a beach with cocktails all day, visit delicious restaurants within walking distance of your hotel at night, and generally be pampered for your entire stay, then this is the destination for you.

The great thing about Bali is the variety on the island. Whilst Seminyak is a great exotic (and affordable - relative to Europe) getaway, if you get an itch to explore the island a little more then there are plenty of places to visit - organising a private chauffeur can be as little as £50 for 3-5 hour ride across the island. Head north for absolute tranquility, east for magical jungle vibes, or take a quick ride to Kuta for a party or two depending on your mood.

Where to Stay: You can't go wrong on the entire island; most hotels are affordable, spacious, and beautifully decorated.


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