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7 Ways to Remove Stress from Decision Making

Having too many options is no easy thing; you'd think that the more choice we have, the happier we'd be, yet it's often the opposite. Learning how to handle the stress that comes from decision-making can help us make better choices, as well as being beneficial to our mental wellbeing in the long run. We explore seven ways to remove the stress from this, or that (or this?).

Learn To Let Go

Of fear, of expectation, of a need for everything to be perfect. The future is so murky that trying to impose control on every decision often ends up being a waste of energy, and if experience has taught us anything, things never turn out as we imagine. Learning to let go of total control often allows for our second point...

Go With Your Gut

Intuition is a fine thing. Not every decision should be made with the heart, but when it comes to knowing what's best for yourself, you're your own best source of advice. If one choice doesn't feel right, trust that your spidey-senses are leading you to the right one.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Daunting and comforting in equal measure, accepting that everything comes to an end ultimately takes a little pressure off any big decision we have to face. If we make the wrong choice - we can change it! And if we make the right one, then we just have to appreciate all the good things as they come.

Think About Something Else

Our subconscious is always working away in the background - it's why some of our best ideas tend to come in the shower. Letting our conscious mind relax a little gives the rest of our brain time to work through all the facts, and inspiration for what the right choice may be could come when you least expect it. Try going for a run, doing some yoga, or reading a book to swerve away from decision-making for a little while.

Allocate the Right Amount of Time

Some decisions don't need to be stressful. 'Where to go for dinner', versus 'shall I quit my job' warrant two very different time frames. Make sure you check yourself if you find that you're agonising over the little things, and train yourself to recognise when some decisions are easy - leaving room for the ones that really need attention.

Think About the Bigger Picture

Getting wrapped up in tiny details is often what holds us back with decisions - stripping away the inconsequential niggles leaves room to analyse what will truly matter in the long run.

Take Comfort in Your Support System

Friends and family are there for a reason; with most of your loved ones having your best interests at heart, often they are the first people you should turn to when you find that you can't see the wood from the trees. Trust that they know you almost as well as you know yourself, and listen to their advice.

Final Note

It's important to keep things in perspective. No matter how agonising a choice may seem in the present, there will come a time you struggle to remember why you had yourself in knots in the first place. Take comfort in the fact that everything will fall into place if you let it.


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