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The Benefits of Taking Risks

For the most part, many of us love staying within our comfort zone. There are always a hundred seemingly good reasons why we shouldn't take a walk on the wild side, but from time to time our excuses don't hold up. Maybe if we knew how good taking risks can be for both our mental wellbeing and our future, then perhaps we'd all be a little more willing to roll the dice into the unknown.

Opportunity Knocks

Taking risks often means taking a path we haven't considered travelling down before. In doing so, we invite uncertainty into our lives; but rather than being afraid of it, uncertainty should be embraced, as the very act of not knowing what's about to come next often means that a new opportunity is more likely to materialise. When we're going through a mundane routine over and over again bright ideas and new opportunities become exhausted, whereas taking a risk unlocks a whole new way to view your future.

Build Confidence

Even if your risk goes sideways - you'll almost always live to tell the tale. The more we fail, the less scary failure becomes, and we eventually start to see the benefits of learning from our setbacks. It's difficult to build confidence in your comfort zone - the ability to trust yourself and the decisions you make comes from putting yourself out there, not following the same routines over and over again.

Learn Something New

Inevitably, whether the outcome is positive or negative, you will learn something new from taking risks. Whether that knowledge is which risks you should avoid in future, or whether it's how to succeed, you'll only come out of a risky decision wiser and stronger.

Create Positive Change

Risk is often attached to big decisions that could - if all things go to plan - create a positive impact on your life. Many of us are guilty of feeling in a rut at some point or another in both our working and personal lives, so rather than waiting for the feelings of dissatisfaction to disappear, being proactive and understanding the changes you need to make is not only fulfilling, but leaves you with a sense of pride.

Tap Into Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is born from things we choose to do for our own benefit. Taking risks is often a very personal decision, and the reason it's so risky is because there's a lot of emotional attachment to what you want to do. Whilst this can be scary at first, attachment will be a huge motivator once you choose to take the risk, and make the pursuit of your dreams even more enjoyable.

How To Take Risks & Final Note

Risks can be an action as small as talking to someone you don't know very well, to deciding to go back to school and learning a new skill. Asking for a raise, promotion, or changing career paths altogether are decisions we attach risk to - but ones that are worth giving attention if they're on your mind.

When it comes to taking risks, start small. Push yourself out of your comfort zone little by little, whether it's making a new friend, taking on a new and unfamiliar project, travelling somewhere new, or speaking your mind. The worst case scenario is that you learn something along the way, and the best case scenario has endless possibilities...


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