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What Is Your Work Talent?

The things we bring to the (office) table aren't just limited to the skills on our CV. Similar to a family dynamic, we all have a role to play at work that stretches far beyond what we were hired to do. Easily forgotten, we all have hidden work talents that can become a perfect Plan B to fall back on when things aren't going quite right with our day-to-day - just in case we need to remind ourselves what we're good at outside of our job. So, which talent fits you best?

Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly loves getting to know everybody in the office. They're usually the first to welcome new starters, the first to RSVP to work events, and most likely the masterminds behind organising them. Social Butterflies are great at bringing all sides of the office together, and even the loneliest of wolves can feel included when the social butterfly is around.

Problem Solver

Even if they're in a completely different department, the Problem Solver is one of the first people to be approached when a wall's been hit. You can trust the Problem Solver to think outside of the box, providing a solution nobody had thought of before, and finding ways to wriggle out of the tightest intellectual spots.

Mother (or Father) Hen

They remember birthdays, anniversaries, your pet's name, your mother's brother's wife's hobbies, you name it, the Mother/Father Hen is the one who really looks after the team. Their drawer is full of things you'd never thought you'd need but really do (deodorant, toothpaste, floss, cookies, tissues, a spare pair of shoelaces), and there isn't a single event that goes missed without a card and cake organised by the Hen.

True Leader

Putting the CEO aside for a moment, the True Leader is someone involved in the day to day nitty-gritty runnings of the company, and when the going gets tough they're the ones to turn to for a solution. Their knowledge of every detail of the business, interest in everybody's role, and willingness to roll their sleeves up mean that the True Leader is someone reliable, someone wise, and most importantly, someone who will lead everyone safely to the other side of the problem.

The Glue

The Glue finds problems that no one else has spotted, working to reduce chasms between departments that they think can be made more efficient with a little bit of elbow grease. If there's a system in place that's outdated and leads to miscommunication between Finance and Sales, or 30 spreadsheets used by Development and Product that slows everything down, The Glue will be the one to find a solution, and harmoniously bring those teams together.

Final Note

What role exist in your office, bringing out hidden talents that don't necessarily get mentioned on your CV? Let us know at


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