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Designed to nurture a positive outlook on your profession, guiding you through some simple ways in which we can look forward to Monday morning whilst taking care of our wellbeing.

Beyond 9-5 

Workplace wellbeing isn't just reserved for office workers; those of us who work in academia, care and social work, national and international aid, and shift work can all access self-care tips to apply in the day-to-day.


 Get inspired by new ideas on how to make the most of our evenings and weekends, whether you're curled up on the sofa, or set on a home-grown adventure.


Offering a helping hand with planning those longer breaks; whether it's a tech retreat or two week treat, our travel tips are provided by a team who know just how valuable this time is. 

Book Club 

Every month we review our favourite books, and welcome any suggestions from subscribers on the books they'd like to see on the site, right before you snuggle up to read them on the sofa.

Podcast Club 

Coming soon - reviews and recommendations for our favourite podcast episodes 

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