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5 Ways to Develop Resilience

Humans are resilient creatures at the best of times, but the fast pace of modern life takes away some of our hardiness when it comes to facing tricky situations head on. Feeling drained, tired, and burned out leaves us vulnerable to sticky spots later down the line, so we've run through some of the best ways to build resilience, both inside and out of the workplace.

Look After Yourself

Weathering a storm can only be done if your body and mind are prepared for it. Sleep and a good diet are the best and easiest places to start when it comes to self-care - do your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and ensure your diet is vitamin-rich. Make sure you also take regular breaks at work, and give yourself the tools you need to be at your best - whether that's time off, sleep, or a night in with a great book. When you feel good, bad things are much easier to tackle.

Support System

Making sure you have a strong support system both inside and out of the workplace can help you feel grounded when times get tough. Knowing that there are people who have your back no matter what can make a huge difference to your mindset, even if you don't end up reaching out to them for help. People who have strong social connections are more resilient to stress, and tend to be happier at work.

Know Your Worth

Personal knocks affect only a small percentage of who we are as a whole; whether it's redundancy or a break-up, it's important not to allow these events to consume us. As much as we fall prey to criticising ourselves, we must make the same effort to recognise all the other wonderful attributes we have that are unrelated to whatever we are going through. Listing everything we like about ourselves builds our sense of self-worth, and by knowing who we are and why we're so awesome, we're able to tackle the situation head on, no matter how crappy it may be.

Cognitive Restructuring

When bad things happen it's easy to turn to autopilot, reacting to things in a way that we think we should be reacting, rather than taking a moment to work through our thought processes. Great opportunities are often packaged in what may seem like a failure, and by giving yourself the space to take the reins on your thoughts - rather than letting them take the reins on you - you'll quickly find that reframing negativity opens doors you may not have initially noticed. Next time you're faced with a tough situation, be mindful of your consequent actions and really pay attention to how and why you react the way you do; chances are you'll find a much more positive way of looking at things.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness will give you the tools to separate what matters from what doesn't. The ability to compartmentalise your thoughts, and remove anxiety and stress from thought processes will enable you to face any number of tasks with calm, rather than terror. Just ten minutes a day will help you focus, improve concentration, and give you insight into whether you really need to worry or not.

Final Note

You are already one of the most resilient creatures on earth, it just takes a little time and attention to make sure you're providing yourself with the right environment to handle any turbulence life throws your way. If you have any tips and tricks for building resilience up your sleeve, message us at


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