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Finding Peace in Stressful Situations

Life has a habit of feeling like a 24/7 stressful situation. Just when you think things are going your way, mass redundancy/relationship drama/a global pandemic strikes and throws everything back into chaos. Whilst it may not seem like it, upheaval can often lead to positive change - but it's difficult to keep this in mind as you grind your teeth for the hundredth time. We explore the ways to find peace in stressful situations, 'til they're no longer stressful at all - simply just situations.

Don't Add to the Drama

We're creatures who love to feel in control - and sometimes when 100 things get thrown at us, we decide to take on a couple more just to feel like we're being pro-active. Next time the crap hits the fan, think first before acting. We can be so keen to jump right in to solve the problem when really this might cause even more chaos in the future. Instead, think about what you can unload from your plate, what isn't a priority, leaving you in the right frame of mind to tackle the manageable chunks leftover.

List It Out

There's something so comforting about a to-do list, and they're a life-saver when we're feeling overwhelmed. Rather than writing down all the things you need to do, write down all the things stressing you out. Our minds have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills, and being able to visualise exactly what's giving you a stomach ache will likely put it back into perspective and give you peace of mind.

Practice Grounding Techniques

Often our minds spiral into chaos without as much as a nudge in the wrong direction, so being able to pull our thoughts back to the present moment is one of the best ways to feel in control of what's right in front of you. Check out our grounding techniques, or take part in any of the following to help you clear your head:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga or Pilates

  • 30 Minute Walk

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Cleaning and Tidying

Clear Space, Clear Mind

Not only is tidying up great on a practical level, but it helps regain a sense of control and promotes feelings of productivity. Clean and clear spaces aren't as distracting, and a lack of chaos in your external surroundings gives you time to calmly approach any erratic thoughts buzzing around your brain.

Look On The Bright Side

It's easy to get bogged down in what could go wrong, but flip your automatic narrative on its head and ask yourself what could go right? Whatever situation you are in there is always a way out that could be more positive than where you started.

Safe Space

This could be a physical place in your home where you never bring any external stressors, or an activity that you can do anywhere - whether it's working out, reading, cooking, or painting. A happy place can be both material or imagined, and making sure that you have one that works for you leaves you with a great place to retreat, unwind, and come out ready to face the world a little stronger.

Final Note

Whether it's work stress or simply not being able to compartmentalise, we have some tips to help you out. If you're really feeling overwhelmed, take a look at our support page, or reach out to a loved one for help.


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