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Five Habits for a Healthy Mind

Finding happiness in the 9-5 often doesn't need to be as drastic as changing your job, choosing a new career path, or relocating entirely, it can just be as simple as nurturing a handful of healthy habits day to day. We've put together five tips on how to find your zen, even when the world around you is going 100 miles an hour.

Carving out 'me time' during business hours seems pretty risqué; the professional 'you' couldn't possibly indulge in something as frivolous as self-care at work. But self-care doesn't always mean going for a massage, it can as simple as remembering that you're not just a cog in a machine, but someone that deserves to happy even when they're not snuggled on the sofa. The onus isn't on anyone but you to look out for yourself, so without further ado, here are our top habits to do just that:

Social Connection

Believe it or not, our colleagues aren't actually NPCs*, and it would be really nice for everyone to talk about something other than spreadsheets from time to time. From catching up in the break room, to organising a walking lunch, to simply asking how they are before hunkering down for the nitty gritty during a meeting, social connection spikes our happiness almost immediately, and the more we connect with our co-workers the more we will enjoy coming into work. It's simple maths.

.*Non-Playable Character

Get Moving

There's a big wide world out there, and 40+ hours a week many of us don't get a chance to see it. We have lunch breaks for a reason, and in one fell swoop you can take some time just for you, and stretch your legs further than the break room (even just for ten minutes if you're really that busy and important). Fresh air is good for all of us, and a walking lunch not only gets in some extra steps, but has been proven to improve mood, productivity, and general wellbeing.

Eat Well

Meal prep is a daunting concept and a habit that can take a while to get used to, but preparing our own food is great for so many reasons; it saves money, it's often much healthier, and there's a little bit of smug satisfaction that comes with both of the previous two points. We wouldn't eat out at restaurants for dinner every night because we'd end up broke and have oil for insides, so the rules should be no different at lunchtime. Indulge in a treat once or twice a week, but try to get your five a day in for under £5 a day and we promise you'll feel better (and richer) in the long run.

Organise Your Space

An organised desk is a happy desk, and a happy desk is a happy mind. There are many ways to make your desk more homely, but the science behind the claim says we can be happier, more productive, and less distracted with an act as simple as a 10 minute tidy.

5 Minute Meditation

Not to be dramatic, but meditation is a life-changing habit. Finding the time to squeeze in just five minutes of meditation a day, whether you lock yourself in a cubby, bathroom, find a quiet corner, or go to a park on your lunch break, can be transformational (trust us), and there are a host of brilliant, quick, and free guided meditations online that will help clear your head, increase your productivity, and help you see the positives in the working day.

Final Note

There are far more than just five habits you can cultivate in the workplace, from practising gratitude, to working out with colleagues, to desk exercises, and healthy snack drawers. We'd be keen to hear your thoughts on what works for you, so if you'd like to contact us and share your healthiest office habits, email us at

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