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  • Daisy Andrews

How To Be Mindful On Earth Day

Earth Day happens every year on the 22nd of April, and serves as a time for us all to celebrate our planet and remind one another to be kinder to our home.

Over the past year, we've seen some vast improvements to the environment with everybody locked down, but now that restrictions are starting to lift, we have to be careful that we don't completely undo all our good actions.

Not sure how? Here are some tips on how to take a mindful approach to Earth Day both at home and at work.

Go on a nature walk and take a rubbish bag

There's no better time than Earth day to immerse yourself in nature - and why not do a good deed for the planet while you're there? Take a rubbish bag with you and pick up any litter you see. While you're at it, take the time to appreciate the beauty around you.

Get gardening

Why not get out in the garden and get your hands dirty? Plant some new flowers, or even better get started on growing your own vegetable patch with all your favourite fruits, veggies, and herbs!

Shop for some more eco-friendly products

With so many eco-friendly alternatives on the market now, there's really no excuse. Try washable bamboo makeup removal pads, greener cleaning products like those made by Method, or anything from 'a good company'.

Remember to recycle

Of course, we should all be recycling everyday, but we all let things slip when we're tired and can't be bothered to sort through our rubbish. Earth Day is the perfect day to get back on track.

Avoid the car

Avoid travelling by car where and when you can. Try cycling, walking, running, or taking public transport instead.

Unsubscribe from your paper mail

Take the time to unsubscribe from any paper mail you get including bank statements, bills and any magazines or catalogues. All of these are available digitally now! You could even subscribe to a wellbeing newsletter...

Switch your browser to Ecosia

Ecosia is an internet browser just like Google, except all the money generated from search ads, Ecosia uses to plant trees. So far, they've planted over 124 million!

Keep your energy low

Turn off your TV when you're not using it, unplug your devices when they're not in use, and turn your heating down if it's a warm day. Another great tip is not filling up your kettle too much - the more water, the more energy needed to boil it.

Make your own or buy a composter

Get rid of your food waste in a more eco-friendly way by investing in or making your own composter. This article is a great guide to all the different composter types out there, where to get them, and how to use them.

Start a meal prep plan

Planning your meals and prepping them ahead of time helps avoid unnecessary waste. Get yourself a meal plan diary and start chopping!

Shop locally

Go to your local market for your groceries today! And from now on if you can...

Take a shorter shower

The longer your showers the more water you waste. Try taking a shorter shower today and try to reduce your water usage in general.

Hang your clothes out to dry

Instead of bunging your wet clothes in the dryer, stick them on a drying rack or in the garden on a laundry line. Your clothes will smell even better if they've dried in the fresh air.

Wash the dishes

Loading up the dishwasher is definitely the easier option but washing the dishes by hand is better for the environment and can be really therapeutic.


Donate old clothes, books and other items and if you need to replenish your wardrobe, see if you can buy second hand online or in charity stores.

Charities like the WWF or The Canopy Project will also always appreciate monetary donations if you can spare the change!

Switch to a reusable water bottle or get a filter jug

The less you run the tap better! See if you can convince your friends, family and colleagues to make the switch too.

Initiate a no paper day at work

Whether you're working from home or at the office, encourage your colleagues to stop using paper for the day. Hopefully the habit will stick!

Add some greenery to your desk

There's nothing like a pot plant or succulent on your desk to remind you to think about nature and the planet every single day.

Switch your printer to default double sided

If it isn't already, make sure your printer - both at home and at work - is set up to default to double sided printing. This way whenever anyone goes to print anything, the less paper they'll use!

If you're back at the office, see if you can switch cleaning supplies & ask for easier recycling options

Ask your boss if the office can switch to more environmentally cleaning supplies and solutions! See if you can get some better recycling options introduced too - the easier it is for others to recycle, the more likely they are to do it.

Ditch the disposables

Invest in a reusable coffee cup, washable plates, containers and cutlery. Disposable items are some of the worst things for the planet!

Set energy efficient modes on your devices

Switch all your electronic devices to energy efficient modes to save battery and avoid frequent charging. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to do the same!


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